Send ERC-20 Tokens to Thousands of Addresses in Minutes!

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When to Use Ethtree

ICO Distribution

Your ICO is live and ETH is flying in, create a simple CSV file of addresses and amounts so you can deliver your tokens to investors with Ethtree!


Are you trying to double your network size with an AirDrop? Export a CSV list of token holders and execute your AirDrop in minutes.

Bounty Programs

Have a list of token holders that have fulfilled your Bounty requirements? Get them paid up with just a few clicks.

Token Giveaways

Start a social media campaign, retweet and gain tokens! When the time comes to distribute we'll make it easy!

How It Works?

Download the Ethtree DApp
Link Your Ethereum Wallet
Upload CSV File of Recipients and Hit Send!

What's an Airdrop?

An Airdrop is when one company sends an amount of their tokens to every holder of another token. This is a poular marketing tool within the crypto currency community and can easily double or triple your holder count with one Airdrop. Ethtree makes this process simple to execute!

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Our standard price for your next Airdrop

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Unlimited tokens per address

Automatic transaction sending

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Are you a corporate client and have a big batch to process? You might qualify for our corporate accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Ethtree works off the Ethereum Blockchain. As long as you have the correct ETH funds available, you can send thousands of transactions in minutes.

How much does it cost?

Ethtree charges a small fee per every address you send to. This pays continual development and operational costs.

When can Ethtree be used?

You can use Ethtree 24 hours a day as long as the Ethereum Network is operating correctly. We're never closed!